Pastor’s Recommendations

When my Deacons and I began last spring to talk about our fall revival, the first question asked was, “Who shall we get as an evangelist?” I said, “I used to get an e-mail every now and then from a Larry Taylor in Texas.” One of the deacons spoke up and said, “We had him here ten years ago, and he brought them down the isles.” I asked, “Shall I contact him?” Yes, by all means, was the unanimous answer.

The planning guide that Brother Larry sent us was a Godsend. We followed his recommendations including calls, canvassing, and personal invitations. The results were spectacular. People came to hear him. God was praised and we were blessed. Our attendance was high each night and many came forward to give their lives to Christ. Many more came forward to rededicate their lives. We baptized each night. They hated to see Brother Larry return to Texas. They fell in love with him.

God’s plan of salvation for this world is being put forth in Brother Larry’s messages. I praise God for sending him to First Baptist Church of Spencer, West Virginia.

Michael F. King, Senior Pastor
First Baptist Church of Spencer
338 Main Street
Spencer, WV 25276

We at First Baptist church have just had the pleasure of having Larry Taylor for an Evangelistic Crusade May 6-9, 2001. As we expected, it was a glorious success. A spirit of revival in the church has prevailed. With much excitement, we have rejoiced as we have seen many souls born into God’s Kingdom. We also rejoice with those who rededicated themselves to the Lord.

If a church will follow the preparation outline as supplied by Rev. Larry Taylor, I believe any church will experience revival in getting ready for the Crusade and will experience unusually high attendance in the Crusade itself. Not only is Larry an excellent dynamic preacher, he is one of the best in the country in extending an invitation.

Rev. Taylor holds meetings in large or small churches. If he can work it into his schedule, his is willing to come and work with you.

In our Lord’s service,

Pastor Raymond Butcher
First Baptist Church
Twentynine Palms, CA 92277


Please add my endorsement to your resume. You did a wonderful job in the Sinai church in Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico. I enjoyed your message and the congregation understood exactly what you were saying. It was a clear presentation of the gospel. Thanks for coming.


Dr Tom Stevens, Director of Missions
Cochise Baptist Association
1095 E. Allen St
Tombstone, Az

It was a pleasure to me and our church for you to be our evangelist this past weekend. After a month of Sunday School outreach and many F.A.I.T.H. visits God blessed us with a great harvest. Finding you on the internet was no accident. It was His way of guiding and completing our plans and efforts.

The Spirit of God was evident in every harvest service. Your personal testimony touched many who had not been involved in church but saw themselves in your life before receiving Christ. The professions of faith, even by entire families, were exciting to the congregation. The other additions to church memberships were sweet victories, as well.

Your easy manner made your forthright declaration of the gospel attractive and interesting. Your use of humor, sense of the spirit in a service and manner in issuing the invitation showed your years of experience as an evangelist. I thank God for your calling and for using you among us.

Roy Stebbins, Pastor
Travis Road Baptist Church
Mobile, Alabama

What a blessing our church experienced! After much prayer we invited Evangelist Larry Taylor to our small, but strong church. We planned and bathed the Revival with much prayer. God honored our prayers and under the annointed preaching of Larry Taylor we experienced Revival! This was truly answered prayer!

Our community is very small (100 homes) and 12 miles from the nearest town of any size. We average about 70 on Sunday morning. But The Lord blessed the services with souls being saved and people added to the church.

We can say without hesitation that Larry Taylor is who he says he is, “God’s Evangelist.” He preaches the Word. His messages are scriptural in content, easy to understand, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. God has blessed our community through this man’s ministry.

Ron Schenk, Pastor
Lyman First Baptist Church
Lyman, Washington

Dear Church Leader,

We have recently completed the Revival Services with guest preacher, Larry Taylor. We are excited and pleased with the results of our five services with him. At each service the Lord touched souls as people responded to the invitation at the end of each message. There were souls receiving salvation, re-dedications, and those desiring to become members of this church.

If you are looking at the possibility of holding Revival or Evangelistic services in the near future, I would highly recommend Larry to you. He preaches soul stirring messages straight from the Word of God while using good testimonial stories of how God has moved in many people’s lives, while blending a good sense of humor throughout the course of his messages. Larry is willing to work with your local church planning committee by sending out a packet of information that will help you successfully plan revival services. He has over thirty years of evangelist service to local churches, and believe me, it shows.

If you would ever want to visit with me personally about this recommendation, please fee free to call or write. Our e-mail address is: Meanwhile, May God bless you continually in your work.

Yours in Christ,
Richard T. Wheatley, Pastor
First Baptist Church
Glenwood, Iowa

Dear Pastor,

Greetings in The Name of our Lord Jesus. May I have 5 minutes of your time to share a wonderful evangelistic team with you, Larry Taylor and Larry Russell.

I’ve known Larry Taylor for over 30 years. Larry is truly an anointed Evangelist. He is used of God to help the Church fulfill the Great Commission.

We had good attendance and 87 (eight seven) Professions of Faith in the services. We saw another seven folks saved in homes for a total of 97 Professions of Faith in our Lord Jesus, Glory to God!

Larry Russell is a tremendous musician and singer. From the start of the services, he is heading for the invitation.

I believe this team can be used of God to help any Church that is serious about seeing lost folks saved. You can book Bro. Taylor in your public schools which is an added benefit to the area. Larry was an underworld character and a heroin addict as a young man. His assembly program is motivational, and then the kids come to the evening services and hear about the Lord Jesus.

For the Lord Jesus sake, please prayerfully consider this Evangelistic team. God bless you as you do.
Joe C. Murray, D.D., Pastor
First Baptist Church
Tucumcari, New Mexico

We have just completed one of the most effective series of meetings that I have ever experienced. We called this series “Grace Week”.

We scheduled Evangelist Larry Taylor for this event. What a blessing he was.

We have many outreach programs in our church including E.E. The ministry of Larry Taylor complimented and enhanced our other outreach programs.

The Lord gave 38 first time decisions for Christ.

Larry Taylor has a strategy of pre-planning that unifies and strengthens the ministry of the pastor. Larry is very easy to work with and the people here loved him. I am sure that you and your church would reap many great benefits from his ministry.

E.E. Elliott, Senior Minister
First Baptist Church
Mattoon, Illinois

Dear Brothers in Jesus Christ

I would like to relate an answer to months of prayer. The church that I pastor is an ABC-USA church although I came from an independent church background. I have pastored here for five years but have never seen what we have seen this week. In a church where the only moves people ever make are toward the door at the end of the service, we had over twenty members, most in tears, come to rededicate their lives in the service. I praise God for His leadership in calling Bro. Larry Taylor to be our evangelist.

I have never been one to count nickels and noses but we have been marvelously blessed. We are not a large church, 60-80 average attendance, but we hope to soon baptize ten new members and receive two others as members.

But what has really brought revival is the over twenty people who have come forward to rededicate their lives to Jesus’ service.

Bro. Larry honors the gospel by not making it cheap. He honors Jesus Christ by lifting Him up. He definitely has God’s blessing on his ministry.

Al Harmon, Pastor
First Baptist Church Toulon
Toulon, Illinois
Dear Pastor,

We had one of the best revival meetings in years with Bro. Larry Taylor Evangelist and Bro. Larry Russell Music Evangelist. Both men are SBTC Vocational Evangelists.

We had twenty one (21) people of all ages trust Christ as personal Savior and Lord and many rededications. God really met with us this week.

Bro. Larry Russell’s music program was excellent and really set the mood for each service.

I recommend both men to your church without reservations. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
“In trust with the Gospel”
Ernest Sigrest
North Hills Baptist Church
Whitesboro, Texas

I have known Larry Taylor for twenty years and have found him to be a man who loves the Lord and possesses impeccable character. In the twenty six years that I was a pastor of Baptist churches I used a variety of preachers for revival meetings and crusades. Larry was one of the few vocational evangelists that I invited back to my pulpit more than once.

Larry is a simple gospel preacher who knows how to communicate the good news that will result in decisions for salvation. He never gets sidetracked with other issues. He comes to evangelize and that is what he does. In one meeting where he conducted a crusade in our church we had at least forty people who were saved.

The people loved Larry as well and came every night to hear him.

If you will take Larry’s guidebook for revival and follow it you will have a successful meeting.

In 1986 I became the pastor of a church not too far from where Larry and his lovely wife, Connie, live and we became very good friends. We played golf together on many occasions for the ten years I lived close by and my wife and I were in their home many times. Larry is a great family man and husband as well. He is also as good a witness on the golf course as he is in the pulpit. Some of you know that that is something.

I am now the director of missions for an association of 125 churches and I would recommend to each of them that they consider inviting Larry for a revival meeting or crusade.

Please, pray about using Larry in a meeting.

Dr. Nodell Dennis, Director of Missions
Blue River-Kansas City Baptist Association
Lee’s Summit, MO

Dear Fellow Pastor:

We have just experienced the best revival we have had in the 15 years I have had the privilege of serving this good church.

We have seen souls saved every service and people added to the fellowship of our church. Our people are rejoicing over what God has done.

Our Evangelist was Larry Taylor from Bandera, Texas. I highly recommend this man of God. His message is dynamic and he appeals to those of all ages.

We will baptize more souls out of this meeting than any other one we have ever had. If you want to see results in your church, use Larry Taylor.

Yours in Christ,
Mickey Fugitt, Pastor
First Baptist Church
Moody, Texas
April 12, 2004

I have had a busy week since our Revival with Evangelist Larry Taylor. As usual with a Revival, I was busy with publicity and visiting prior to and during the Revival. But during our Revival, God blessed in unusual ways. Our people were thrilled and excited with the preaching and the spirit of Revival.

Each service we received an offering for our Evangelist. Our church took care of the other expenses out of our regular funds. (The expenses can add up for a small church, but it is just a once-a-year expense. And it’s worth it.) I explained that Larry Taylor was in full time evangelism. I told of his Revivals in Central and South America where he receives no love offering and pays all his expenses. Our people wanted to have a part in his ministry. Our Revival Love Offering was just over twice the amount of any Revival offering in our past. Our people were proud of that offering.

But back to my being busy the next week. Most importantly, 17 souls were saved. Two others moved their membership to our church. This included a family of four two adults in our community, and several preteens and teenagers. A number of other decisions were made. I have been busy in following up on them all.

What did we do for Revival? Most of all, God sent the Revival. But God commonly works when His people work and cry out to Him. I told our members that this would be our only Revival this year and I wanted them to make it the most important things in their lives April 4 – 7. We followed several suggestions made in Larry Taylor’s Guide For A Successful Revival. We had a Youth Pizza Party & Preteen Hot Dog Party. We had professionally printed Revival Flyers, we printed and ran off tickets. We sent a press release and photo to area newspapers and radio stations. We prayed, we visited, we made calls. And God poured out His blessings.

I have no doubt that God led me in calling Larry Taylor for our evangelist. He was great to work with during our Revival and we had a great time of fellowship together. One person after another said things such as, “This reminds me of the old time Revivals we used to attend.” People say you can’t have Revivals, they don’t work anymore. That is not true. You may have to work harder than in the past, but if you are willing to pay the price, God will send Revival. God still calls evangelists and as the old song goes, “Jesus’ blood can make the vilest sinner clean.”

David Brumbelow

PS: You may be interested in two quotes we had in our church bulletins leading up to Revival. They meant a lot to me.

“I can give a prescription that will bring. . .revival to any church, or community, or any city on Earth.

First: Let a few Christians get thoroughly right with God. If this is not done, the rest will come to nothing.

Second: Let them bind themselves together to pray for revival until God opens the windows and Heaven comes down.

Third: Let them put themselves at the disposal of God for His use as He sees fit in winning others to Christ.

That is all. I have given this prescription around the world. . .and in no instance has it failed. It cannot fail.” -R.A. Torrey

“I believe that if an angel were to wing his way from Earth up to Heaven, and were to say that there was one poor, ragged boy, without father or mother, with no one to care for him and teach him the way of life; and if God were to ask who among them were willing to come down to this Earth and live here for 50 years and lead that one to Jesus Christ, every angel in Heaven would volunteer to go. Even Gabriel, who stands in the presence of the Almighty, would say, ‘Let me leave my high and lofty position, and let me have the luxury of leading one soul to Jesus Christ. There is no greater honor than to be the instrument in God’s hands of leading one person out of the kingdom of Satan into the glorious light of Heaven.” -D.L. Moody

I am Pastor Mel Rowell at Emmanuel Baptist Church Honey Island. Just want you to know we have had a great revival. Larry Taylor was our evangelist. He sent a little book that would help us have a successful Revival. We followed the suggestions he gave us and we were in Revival before he got here. I have been in Church most of my life and I have never witnessed any thing like this. Our Church has come together in one accord. We had two weeks of cottage prayer meetings and after one week we realized our Church was not big enough to hold everyone so we took out the back wall and two Sunday School rooms, put in 12 more pews and we have had a packed house every meeting. We have had many come to the Lord to accept Jesus as their savior. We have had many people come to join our Church and many more coming to rededicate their lives. I believe this is only the beginning of something great that is going to happen in our little community. If you are thinking about having a revival I highly recommend Larry Taylor to your Church. God’s hand is on this man’s ministry.

Bro. Mel Rowell
Emmanuel Baptist Church Honey Island
Kountze, Texas